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Who We Are

Japan Marketing Strategy is a boutique marketing agency based in Tokyo, Japan. We are creatives that excel at connecting International Brands, Japanese Community, Tourism, and Lifestyle trends to hip young target audiences who crave diverse forms of entertainment.

With ten years of experience working with exclusive partners, our team is fully equipped to produce, design, and market your unique brand to the Japanese consumer.

What We Do

We work with international brands and Japanese tourism agencies, and Tokyo entertainment venues, to create incredible stories through community marketing, social media management, influencer management, and events organizing.








Community Management Execution/Activation

From the initial start-up of the community to operation, monetization and cooperation with products. It is done according to the phase.
We not only convey the content of the course with more customized information for each company, but also provide advice, practice, and education for community managers.

Ami, the president has own travel and food community since 2008, and has been community managers for major companies like Pinterest and facebook , and

Community Management includes:
Event production
Influencer outreach /management





Branding and Marketing

Let Turned On develop your establishment’s brand with unique logo designs and creative marketing strategies for maximum impact. Whether the audience is in Tokyo or Singapore, our team will create a unique brand that will stand out amongst the competitors.






Localizing your brand for the Japanese market is critical. Our multi-lingual team has years of experience taking foreign concepts and catering it for the Japanese consumer. Or vice versa, exporting a unique Japanese cultural product for an international audience.





Marketing Research –

Travel coordination

With a national travel guide certification, and the connection all over Japan, it is possible to coordinate the trip and schedule here.


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