Education is highly valued in Japan. And attendance of high school and college level education is extremely high. Extra curricular learning activities are also popular, with many private institutions offering courses and training to both adults and children.


Curriculum is pretty different in Japanese and western, but one big difference is you memorize lots of info in each subject. There are lot of test to memorize, not to write thesis. There are not many presentation chance for the students. More occasion to understand the system, and memorize it and write it down on the test paper.


Japanese individuals have also been characterized as avid information seekers with a strong appetite for technical data. In fact, the sheer amount of information showcased in marketing materials in Japan far surpasses that seen in Western societies.


Therefore, Japanese does not mind the “many characters” than western people do. You usually get sick if you see too many contents in one page, but Japanese feel more secured with crowded information. 


Famous comparison is Yahoo Japan and Google Japan.

A lot of Japanese business people open the yahoo japan first in the morning, where too many info is on one page. Google does have only “search” page, but Japanese really loved to be informed with lots of info.


Another example is Rakuten and Amazon. Sometimes Rakuten’s shop page is too long to read..but that is because Japanese feel more secure to read more info.



f your product is technical, advanced, or innovative in any way, consider how you can convey this kind of information to potential buyers through your marketing output, rather than focusing merely on the overall benefit it can have on someone’s life. Japanese users are keen to know how things work, how they’re made, and how reliable they are, before they commit to a purchase.

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